Meet Carley

I didn't know anything about Carley when I adopted her. I peeked into her kennel, and she seemed to be wagging her tail with her whole body while smiling at me... I had to take her home.

At that time I had no idea she would change my life. 

Carley taught me to always greet loved ones with a full body wag, live in the moment, and be enthusiastic for adventure.

She was my favorite jogging partner, hiking buddy, and co-pilot. Carley drove across states, hiked across mountains, and flew on planes to be with me. She was the most selfless soul I knew. I deeply cherished the fond bond we shared, and was so happy she got to meet my baby.

Carley died a year ago at age 14, but her passion lives on.

We donate $1 from each item purchased to help a homeless animal like Carley find their best friend and forever home. Please click here to see where our donations are currently going.

Thank you for celebrating the wonderful life of Carley Barley through our joyful collection!

Heather Ponce
Mom * Founder * CEO